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Guangzhou Tianhe 05 Bay District Zhigu Mosaic Screen Project

Release time:2020-07-31

Located in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, smart valley of bay area provides personalized rental services such as office rental and shop rental. It is a famous scientific industrial park, and creates exclusive operating space and shared office facilities for small and medium-sized enterprises.tjmX4PWAWd (1).jpg

Recently, smart valley of 05 Bay area has upgraded the business service center and introduced huabangying LCD splicing screen as the large screen display equipment in the exhibition hall. On the one hand, it is to provide customers with more accurate display of office buildings and shops, on the other hand, it is to improve the overall appearance of the commercial service center and shape the brand image.


LCD splicing large screen is one of the most popular large screen displays in the room at present. It is made up of several LCD splicing units, and the seam between each screen is very small. In addition, the LCD screen has the characteristics of high-definition display in the room, high resolution, clear picture, and no fuzzy ghost in close viewing. It is widely used in the room as large screen of conference room, large screen of exhibition hall and monitoring center Big screen, etc。


Hby-pj550p (huabangying 55 inch 3.5mm LCD splicing screen) is used as the splicing unit in the 05 Bay Area smart Valley splicing project. The LCD panel is BOE industrial grade LCD a + panel, with the industry-leading led direct backlight, with uniform brightness distribution and high-definition display screen without distortion.微信图片_20200722171552.jpg

The unique PVA Technology (image vertical adjustment technology) enables the hby-pj550p to have a viewing angle of 178 ° and a wider field of vision; the color calibration technology specially developed by the product can calibrate the color of static and dynamic pictures, making the output of the picture more accurate and stable, and users can get a better visual experience in the viewing process.微信图片_202007221715524.jpg

In addition, the hby-hd0110 has a long-distance drive function and a unique long-distance transmission distortion gain compensation technology, which can support a long-distance output of 15 meters, fully considering the actual needs of the user, making the LCD splicing screen play the most effective role.


Now, the project has been successfully completed, and has passed the acceptance of Guangzhou Tianhe 05 Bay Area Zhigu, and put into operation normally. Hua Bangying once again thanks the trust and support of Zhigu of 05 Bay area.

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