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Guangzhou Kaiwei Seafood Restaurant Full Color Display Case

Release time:2019-08-22

Case description:

LED full-color display is a kind of LED display with rich colors. It is composed of three primary colors (red, green, and blue) display unit boards, with 256 gray levels of red, green and blue each constituting 16,777,216 colors, which enables the electronic screen to display rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, Display high-frequency dynamic images.

The full-color LED display screen has clear images, uniform colors, and high brightness. Using ultra-high brightness LEDs, it is still clearly visible from a long distance. Recently Shenzhen LCD splicing screen manufacturer Winbond has completed the construction of a full-color LED screen for Guangzhou Kaiwei Seafood Hotel

Good effect: using non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger; the reliability is strong: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, the reliability and stability are higher;
Display mode diversification: support multiple display modes;
Easy to operate: using general video playing software makes the system operation very convenient.

Application range:
Exhibition, port, airport, railway station, bus station, large-scale sports and exhibition venues, intelligent transportation, expressway, bank, advertisement, electric power, commerce, telecommunication, hospital, tax, bank, trading market, citizen square and other related systems and industries.

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