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LCD splicing screen project of Guizhou Meteorological Disaster Warning Center

Release time:2019-08-22




The types of meteorological disaster warning signals have increased from 3 to 11, and the familiar black typhoon warning signals will be withdrawn from the historical stage. The new version of meteorological disaster warning signals is generally divided into four levels, namely, blue, yellow, orange and red (grade IV, III, II and I), representing general, severe, severe and particularly serious respectively.

At the same time, it should be marked in Chinese and English, consistent with all emergency response levels and colors of the country. The black warning signals of typhoon, rainstorm and cold will become history, with red as the highest level。

16 kinds of early warning signals of sudden meteorological disasters: typhoon, rainstorm, Blizzard, cold wave, gale, sandstorm, high temperature, drought, thunder and lightning, hail, frost, fog, haze, road freezing, thunderstorm and gale, forest fire.

The meteorological disaster early warning center is a key command place for meteorological prevention and monitoring. It needs to monitor the pictures in real time, and has high requirements on the quality of the pictures. Therefore, the Samsung brand LCD panel recommended by huabangying technology to the early warning center this time, with high brightness and high-definition LCD splicing screen, supports 7x24 continuous playing.

The wall hanging installation method adopted this time looks very simple and generous, and the debugging effect is also very good. Hard working engineers, at the same time, I also thank the person in charge of Liupanshui for their trust and support to the company!

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