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LCD splicing screen project of Guangdong Armed Police Heyuan Detachment

Release time:2019-08-22




Armed police detachment adheres to standardized management as the main line, focuses on the protection of the center, grassroots and life, and takes various measures to strengthen logistics support. We have revised various logistics support plans, improved the construction of combat readiness material storerooms, unblocked the channels of military and local Federal Reserve, and optimized the reserve of combat readiness materials. Scientific selection of logistics emergency support forces, timely organization of picnics, war injury rescue, equipment repair, emergency dispatch and other professional training. Adhere to the standard system, improve the supervision mechanism, and effectively prevent the occurrence of major economic problems.

According to the requirements of Heyuan armed police detachment, Shenzhen huabangying science and Technology Co., Ltd. recommended Samsung brand 55 inch LCD splicing screen, which adopts 2x6 floor stand installation method, and a LED strip screen is added on the whole screen, which is placed in the command center room.

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