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Splicing screen project of Da'an Coal Mine, Qianxi County, Guizhou

Release time:2020-05-11

Da'an coal mine is located in Qianxi County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. Qianxi county has beautiful scenery and is known as China's azalea capital. Its cultural heritage is rich, and human beings have lived here as early as 50.6 million years ago. Guanyindong ancient human site is the birthplace of human ancestors in southern China, known as "Zhoukoudian in the north and Guanyin cave in the South". Rich in mineral resources, hydropower and other natural resources, it is the largest in the West The pioneer of the development is the energy base of "power transmission from west to East" in Guizhou Province, with coal reserves of more than 7 billion tons.


As one of the many coal mines in Qianxi County, Da'an coal mine has been a model for many years in the aspects of coal mining technology, coal mine safety control and coal mine product quality.


Recently, in order to comprehensively improve the mining and production safety of high coal mines and practice the intelligent management of the new era, Daan coal mine eliminated the traditional display equipment and introduced the high-definition, multi-functional LCD splicing screen as the terminal display equipment of the monitoring and command center, and built an intelligent modern monitoring platform.


After many investigation and comparison with many splicing screen manufacturers, the relevant person in charge of Daan coal mine finally reached a consensus with huabangying and handed over the splicing screen project of its monitoring and dispatching center to huabangying. Subsequently, huabangying professional scheme designer immediately designed a suitable large screen splicing scheme according to the actual situation of Da'an monitoring and dispatching center, and sent professional installation engineers and LCD splicing screens from Shenzhen to Qianxi County, Guizhou Province with beautiful scenery, and started to install the splicing screen project.


Detailed project parameters:

Splicing unit HBY-PJ550P Response time 6ms
Splicing seam 3.5mm Operating life 70000h
Splicing specification 3 * 4 / 55 inch Installation mode Cabinet type
Contrast ratio 4500:1 Brightness 500cd/m²
Resolving power 1920*1080 Contractor Hua Bangying

The splicing screen model of this project is hby-pj550p, which adopts industrial grade original a + panel, carries the industry's advanced LED backlight, with uniform brightness distribution, high-definition display screen without distortion, better visual experience than traditional display equipment, without distortion, blur, ripple, etc. it supports 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation, which is more suitable for coal mine monitoring, command and dispatching It can be used in the environment where the machine needs to be turned on for a long time.


Now that the project has been completed and put into operation normally after acceptance, Hua Bangying once again thanks Da'an coal mine for its trust and support, and sincerely wishes your company a prosperous business and prosperous financial resources!

Huabangying technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, design, production and sales of intelligent business display products. Among them, LCD splicing screen products are favored and recognized by users. There are projects all over the country, and the company has strong strength to support door-to-door installation nationwide. If you have any requirements or technical questions about display screen, please feel free to consult, We will try our best to serve you.

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